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Soft Hugs

Dolls, Stuffed Toys, Pillows and Baby Gifts

Soft Hugs is about giving joy, warmth and comfort to someone you love and care for.

For children, the soft hugs they get from their parents makes them feel loved, happy and secure. It creates positive emotions they they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

This is the same joy, warmth and comfort we would like every child to feel and remember whenever they receive a Soft Hugs stuffed toy, doll or pillow.

Our products are made with the joy, warmth and comfort of children in mind. We have also made our stuffed toys and pillows safe for the parents' peace of mind. Made from high quality fabrics and soft fiberfill materials, our stuffed toys, pillows and baby accessories are guaranteed to be safe and tested for the use of very young children. 

Soft Hugs products are also designed with a child's learning and brain development in mind.  Toys are the first objects that a child will encounter in his or her very young life. We've made our toys and baby gifts in such a way that it helps stimulate creativity and learning, and helps parents use toys for the physical, cognitive and emotional development of their children.

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Toys are essential to a child's development

Why parents should choose toys carefully

Play is a natural activity of children and it is their way of learning and understanding the world around them. Toys are a child's tools for learning and parents need to choose the most appropriate toys to optimize the child’s learning experience and aid in the full development of their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social abilities.

All toys contribute to a child’s growth and brain development, however, not all toys are created the same.  Aside from safety, parents should also consider the learning and child development value of toys and what would be most appropriate for their age and learning needs.  

Soft Hugs makes it a point to develop safe and age-appropriate toys that help in the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development of children.  

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