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Welcome to Soft Hugs Shop

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Soft Hugs is a brand of dolls and stuffed toys designed to aid in early childhood physical, mental and emotional development. It is more than just a toy! Soft Hugs are a gift of happiness that create joyful childhood and lasting memories.

Can you imagine a world without toys? A child growing up without toys is such a sad thing to imagine.

Toys are the first objects that a child would most likely encounter in her life. Toys are not just things to play with. Toys are the child's first treasures. It captures their attention, It stimulates their senses and triggers their imagination. It creates and enhances their own world, enabling them to prepare for the bigger world that awaits them.

Children learn a lot of things from the first toys they play with and it makes it easier for them to cope and understand their surroundings as they grow. The child's first toys help her physical, mental and emotional development as well, preparing the child for the years ahead.

The Soft Hugs Brand

Soft Hugs is a brand of dolls, soft toys and children's accessory items created by BENJOY, Inc., a toy manufacturing company with over thirty years of experience in manufacturing soft toys and children accessories for some of the most loved toy and baby gift brands in Australia, Europe and North America. Aside from ensuring the safety and physical quality of our toys, Soft Hugs products are especially designed with the learning and child development value of toys in mind.

We believe that toys have a very special purpose and toys help create the foundations that build character and abilities that the child would most likely carry with her through adulthood.

Toys also bring a happy experience to children. Have you ever noticed the twinkle in a child's eye, that sweet smile and that excited look on her face whenever she receives a new toy? It's happiness in its purest form! These create joyful memories that also help reinforce positive emotions and boost a child's confidence. The toys may not remain with them physically forever, but the memories these toys create and the feelings they associate with them will last them a lifetime.

Soft Hugs as your child's first toy

Objects around the baby's crib become the child's first toys. Crib strings, pram toys, and felt mobiles create delightful and colorful surroundings. Crib mats, bibs, character cushions and baby bolster pillows provide not just comfort, but help stimulate the baby's sense of touch. Squeakers and teething rings stimulate the sense of sight, touch and sound.

Soft Hugs ensure that all items that a baby touches and puts in her mouth are tested for safety and quality that follows EN71, ASTM F963 and ISO 8124, Global Standards for Toy Safety. Assuring our customers that we value safety and quality for your baby's health.

Soft Hugs for early childhood learning and development

Soft Hugs offers dolls and stuffed toy characters and toy sets that aid child character and skill development. Toys are also tools for learning and they aid in a child's brain development, enhancing physical motion, creative and analytical thinking, emotional intelligence and social skills.

Soft Hugs works with child development professionals, teachers, and parents in developing and designing toys appropriate for every age and considering the child's development needs at each stage.

Let us help you discover how Soft Hugs can be the right gift for your baby or children. You can browse through our website shop or visit our show room today. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to our email updates and learn more about Soft Hugs and our toy products.

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