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Our Story, Our Brand

Proudly Philippine Made Products

Soft Hugs is a brand owned and manufactured by BENJOY, Inc., a toy manufacturing company founded in the Philippines in 1992 by Ben and Joy Alderson.  Ben and Joy, a British couple, discovered and got greatly impressed by the talent of Filipino artisans in manufacturing soft toy products. Wanting to create jobs for Filipino workers and promoting Filipino talent to the world, Ben and Joy decided to establish a toy factory in the Philippines that would cater to buyers in the international toy market. The toy factory was eventually turned over to its employees for them to manage on their own. Today, BENJOY, Inc. is wholly owned and operated by Filipinos and is one of the top 10 toy manufacturers in the Philippines.


Soft Hugs Bring Happiness

On December 2021, BENJOY, Inc. launched its own product brand called Soft Hugs. Originally intended to be a brand for pillows, Soft Hugs decided to include and offer quality toy products to Filipino children as well.

Soft hugs, in a literal sense, communicate warmth, joy and comfort to another person. The act of hugging tells another person that he or she is loved and cared for, evoking confidence, pleasant memories and a feeling of happiness. This is also the kind of feeling we would like people to experience every time they receive a Soft Hugs item.  

Toys That Aid Early Childhood Development

At the height of the COVID19 Pandemic in 2020-2021, we saw an increase in the demand for soft toy products globally. Since children were limited to indoor activities, toys became one of the means used by parents to help their children cope with the lockdowns caused by the pandemic.  Limitations in mobility have also spurned concerns in children's education and mental health.   

Soft Hugs saw the need, not just for toys for playing and entertainment, but toys that help promote a child's physical, emotional and mental health development and tools that help parents in creating good foundations for early childhood education.   

Gifts for Special Occasions

Soft Hugs offers its products as perfect gifts for children and even for adults who love soft toys. 

We come up with unique designs and special toys, pillows, and other items designed for those special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. 

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