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Customized Toys

We don't just sell toys, we make them!
Soft Hugs is proudly Philippine Made.

Puppet Show

Toy Designing

Create your own toy design with us

Teddy Bear

Prototype Development

We build toy models

Puppet Show

Toy Manufacturing

We produce the quantities you need

Teddy Bear

Customize Toys

We can manufacture your own toy designs or customize toys and other childcare articles for you or your store. Simply submit the quote inquiry form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you! We will get in touch with you soon!

How to customize toys

Co-branding Toys with Soft Hugs

Soft Hugs is manufactured by BENJOY, Inc., one of the top toy manufacturers and exporters from the Philippines of premium quality toys for Europe, Australia, Japan and the United States.

Soft Hugs is a Philippine brand for quality soft toys and childcare items that conforms with international standards for toy safety such as EN71 and ASTM F963.

Advantages of Customizing and Co-branding with Soft Hugs:

1. Your toys are guaranteed to comply with Philippine FDA regulatory requirements and Philippine Laws on toy safety and labeling standards (RA 10620).

2. We include your brand name in marketing and promotional activities of Soft Hugs and BENJOY Toys.

3. We work with you in developing your products and brand image. 

We welcome entrepreneurs who want to create soft toys as one of their main products or as promotional giveaways. We help create the toy you want and manufacture them in the quantities you need.

Steps in Customizing Toys:

1. Simply complete the Customize Toys form above.

2. If you already have a design in mind or an existing soft toy item you want to replicate, simply send us a picture or an illustration with the measurements and other specifications by email to

3. To get an exact quotation, we need to build a toy prototype or a model of the toy you want to manufacture. A development fee is charged as advance for developing the prototype. Development Fees will depend on the size and proposed design of the item you want to build.   

4. Once you approve the prototype, send us a Purchase Order by email at and our Sales and Marketing Associate will get in touch with you for details on payments.

5. Production time is 30 to 60 days from the time the Purchase Order is received. 


For any questions or clarifications, just send us an emai at or call us. 

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