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Newborn Mittens - Garterized Bunny Design

Newborn Mittens - Garterized Bunny Design

SKU: SH 177B

Wrap your precious little one in the gentle embrace of Soft Hugs' Newborn Mittens - Garterized Bunny Design. Crafted with love, our mittens are a soft shield of hypoallergenic polycotton fabric, ensuring the utmost comfort for your baby's tender skin.


Each pair is meticulously hand-sewn in the Philippines, reflecting export-grade quality that meets global standards. Not just a garment, but a guardian, our mittens provide essential warmth and protection, safeguarding your infant's hands from the cold and external irritants. Ideal for gifting, these mittens are a thoughtful expression of care for new parents and their cherished newborns. Choose Soft Hugs, where every stitch is a stitch of love, comfort, and protection.

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