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Soft Toy Sitting Bear

Soft Toy Sitting Bear

SKU: N3579

Introducing the Soft Hugs Soft Toy Sitting Bear, a delightful companion for your little one. Crafted with the utmost care, this charming bear is made from hypoallergenic fabric and fiberfill, ensuring it's safe for even the most sensitive of babies. Proudly made in the Philippines, our Soft Toy Sitting Bear meets the rigorous EN71 toy safety standards, giving you peace of mind with every hug. Its vibrant colors captivate and stimulate a baby's visual senses, while the gentle rattle inside provides auditory stimulation. Perfectly sized at 15cm, it's designed for tiny hands to explore and grasp, aiding in the development of motor skills. Soft Hugs Soft Toy Sitting Bear is not just a toy, but a tool for learning and growth, making it an ideal gift for any baby.

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